My favorite technical books ( I own all of these)

Programming Theory
Programming Languages
General PC technology
Unix / Linux
Windows / DOS
Windows 95
Windows NT / 2000 / XP
Windows CE / Pocket PC
Microsoft Certification

Programming Theory
Software Engineering, Bell & Morrey & Pugh (1989, Prentice Hall)
Component Software - Beyond Object-Oriented Programming, Clemens Szyperski (1999, Addison-Wesley)

Client/Server programmeren met Java en CORBA, Orfali, Harkey (1999, Addison Wesley)
Introducing .NET, Conard, Dengler Francis et al. (2000, Wrox)

Programming Languages
Basiscursus C++, Leen Ammeraal (1998, Academic Service)
HTML 3.2 in 24 uur, Dick Oliver (1998, Academic Service)
C The Complete Reference, Herbert Schildt (1990, Osborne McGraw-Hill)
C++ Application Guide, James T. Smith (1992, McGraw-Hill)
Java 2, Brit Schroter (2000, Data Becker)
Visual J++, Steven Holzner (1997, Sybex)
C# Core language, Bill Wagner (2002, Coriolis)

General PC technology
Digital Signal Processing, Oppenheim and Schafer (1975, Prentice Hall)
Operating Systems Second Edition, H.M. Deitel (1990, Addison Wesley)
Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics, Foley & Van Dam (1984, Addison Wesley)
Interactieve 3D Computer Graphics, Leen Ammeraal (1988, Academic Service)
Algoritmiek, David Harel (1998, Academic Service)
Testen Volgens TMap, Pol, Teunissen, Van Veenendaal (1995, Tutein Nolthenius)

Fast Ethernet "dawn of a new network", Howard W. Johnson (1996, Prentice Hall)
Data and Computer Communications, William Stallings (1988, MacMillan)
Lan Performance Optimization, Martin A.W. Nemzow (1993, Windcrest McGraw-Hill
Internetworking, Mark A. Miller (1991, M&T books)
TCP/IP Illustrated Volume 2 the implementation, Wright, Stevens (1995, Addison Wesley)
Het onderhouden van een TCP/IP Netwerk, Kevin Washburn & Jim Evans (1997, Addison Wesley)

Unix / Linux
Unix / Xenix 2.3 Functies en Commando's, Bransen (1990, Sybex)
The Linux Users' Guide (1996, The Linux Documentation Project)
Linux System Administrators' Guide 0.6 (1997, The Linux Documentation Project)
The Linux Kernel 0.8-2 (1998, The Linux Documentation Project)
Red Hat Linux Unleased thirth edition, Pits and Ball (1998, SAMS)
Linux Easy Computing Gids (2000, Data Becker)

Inside OS/2, Gordon Letwin (1987, MS Press)
Inside OS/2 2 Special Edition, Minasi, Little, Semple, Camarda (1992 New Riders)
OS/2 Unleased second edition, Moskowitz and Kerr (1994, SAMS)
Microsoft OS/2 Programmer's Reference Volume 1 (1989, MS Press)
Microsoft OS/2 Programmer's Reference Volume 2 (1989, MS Press)
Microsoft OS/2 Programmer's Reference Volume 3 (1989, MS Press)
Programming the OS/2 Presentation Manager, Charles Petzold (1989, MS Press)
Advanced OS/2 Programming, Ray Duncan (1989, MS Press)
Lan Manager A Programmer's Guide, Ralph Ryan (1990, MS Press)
IBM RedBook: OS/2 2.x Family Update, Including SMP (1994, IBM)
IBM RedBook: OS/2 Warp Generation, Volume 2: Exploring LAN Connectivity (1995, IBM)

Windows / DOS
Assembly Language step-by-step, Jeff Duntemann (1992, Coriolis)
Using Assembly Language, Allen Wyatt (1987, Que)
Advanced Assembly Language, Allen Wyatt (1992, Que)
Assembly Language for the PC, John Socha, Peter Norton (1992, Prentice Hall)
IBM PC Assembler Language and Programming, Peter Abel (1987, Prentice Hall)
PC Techniques C/C++ Power Tools, Duntemann, Weiskamp (1992, Bantam)
Windows 3.0 Programming Primer, Alan Southerton (1990, Addison Wesley)
Programming Windows 3.1, Charles Petzold (1992, MS Press)
Dos uitbreidingen, Ray Duncan, Charles Petzold, Andrew Schulman, etc (1990, Addison Wesley)

Windows 9x
Inside Windows 95, Adrian King (1994, MS Press)
Unautorized Windows 95, Andrew Schulman (1995, IDG Books)
Systems Programming for Windows 95, Walter Oney (1996, MS Press)
Programmeren voor Windows 95, Charles Petzold (1996, Academic Service)

Windows NT / 2000 / XP
Inside Windows NT, Helen Custer (1993, MS Press)
Inside the Windows NT File System, Helen Custer (1994, MS Press)
Advanced Windows, Jeffrey Richter (1995, MS Press)
Inside Windows NT Second Edition, David Solomon (1998, MS Press)
Developing Windows NT Device Drivers, Dekker and Newcomer (1999, Addison Wesley)
Windows 2000 Quality of Service, David Iseminger (1999, MacMillan Technical Publishing)
International Programming for Microsoft Windows, David A. Schmitt (2000, MS Press)
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Security, Audit, and Control, Jumes, Cooper, Chamoun, Feinman (1999, MS Press)
Windows NT Device Driver Development, Viscarola, Mason (2001, New Riders)
Windows NT/2000 Native Api Reference, Nebbett (2000, MacMillan)
Inside Windows NT Third Edition, David Solomon, Mark Russinovich (2000, MS Press)
Programming Server-Side Applications for Microsoft Windows 2000, Richter, Clark (2000, MS Press)

Windows CE / Pocket PC
Programming Microsoft Windows CE second edition, Douglas Boling (2001, MS Press)
Building Powerful Platforms with Windows CE, Wilson, Havewala (2001, Addison Wesley)
Windows CE 3.0 Application Programming, Grattan, Brain (2001, Prentice Hall)

Microsoft Certification
TCP/IP & SMS MCSE Study Guide McLaren & Myers (1996, New Ryders
Windows 2000 Security Design Exam Cram, Phillip G. Schein (2000, Coriolis)
Windows 2000 Network Design Exam Cram, Simmons, Buse, Halpin (2000, Coriolis)