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Toshinori Kondo dedicated websites:

(Kenji Ohta)

Toshinori Kondo Unofficial Fansite  (ako)

Musicians that Toshinori Kondo recently worked with:

Eraldo Bernocchi
Eraldo Bernocchi homepage by Silent Watcher

Raoul Bjorkenheim

Peter Brötzmann
Peter Brötzmann Recordings by Peter Stubley

Dancing Fantasy

Hamid Drake
Hamid Drake Discography by David Martinelli

Lindo Giovanni Ferretti

DJ Grazhoppa

Koro & Misato Ito


DJ Krush

Bill Laswell
Turning Groove by Jürgen Geissler, the ultimate Bill Laswell discography
Bill Laswell homepage by Silent Watcher with an extensive discography
Innerhythmic Bill's own label
The Axiom Label

William Parker
William Parker Complete Discography as Leader by Steven Joerg
William Parker Discography as Co-Leader by Steven Joerg
William Parker Discography as Contributer by Steven Joerg
The William Parker Discography by Rick Lopez

United Future Organization

Dirk Wachtelaer

Charged special remix projects:

Howie B

Caspar Brötzmann

DJ Disk

F.M. Einheit

Alec Empire

Thomas Fehlmann


Mick Harris
Mick Harris Homepage by Silent Watcher


Source Direct

Usual Suspects

Musicians that he worked with in the recent history:

Sean Bergin

Raoul Bjorkenheim
Raoul Bjorkenheim discography by Dan Kurdilla

Alex Buess

Tristan Honsinger

DJ Low

Zeena Parkins

Jim O' Rourke

Paul Schutze
Paul Schutze Discography by The Edge

David Shea

David Toop

Hideo Yamaki

Musicians that he worked with in the not so recent history:

Maki Asakawa

Derek Bailey
Sessionography of Derek Bailey by Richard Shapiro

Han Bennink
Han Bennink Discography by David Martinelli

Steve Beresford

Eugene Chadbourne

Tom Cora
Tom Cora
by Patrice Roussel & Stephane Vuilleumier

Fred Frith
Fred Frith
by Patrice Roussel, Stephane Vuilleumier, & Michel Ramond

Milford Graves
Milford Graves Selected Discography
by George Scala
Milford Graves Discography by David Martinelli

Herbie Hancock
Herbie Hancock Discography by Chris Genzel
Herbie Hancock Recordings by Kirk Degiorgio

Daunik Lazro
Daunik Lazro Discography(in French)
by Rectangle

Paul Lovens
Paul Lovens Discography by David Martinelli

Paul Lytton
Paul Lytton Discography
by David Martinelli

Misha Mengelberg

Tony Oxley
Tony Oxley Recordings
by Peter Stubley
Tony Oxley and Cecil Taylor Recordings by Peter Stubley
Tony Oxley Discography by David Martinelli

Ryuichi Sakamoto

Ken Vandenmark
Ken Vandermark Recordings
by Bob Billy
Ken Vandermark Discography by Seth Tisue

John Zorn
Discography of John Zorn by Patrice Roussel

European Free Improvisation Pages
tsuge's Free Improvisation (Nobuyasu Tsuge, Japan)

Record Labels

(including small Toshinori Kondo biography)
Eremite Records Label Discography by Joe Moudry
FMP Label Listing by Peter Losin
Japo(="Jazz By Post") Records Listing by Karl-Michael Schneider
JAPO Records Numerical Cross-Reference by Paul Geffen
Jaro Label Discography by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
OkkaDisk Records Label Discography by Joe Moudry
Po Torch Records Label Discography by Michael Frohne